Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign

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Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign is a new collection that has a very classic new style. The upgraded version is very promising as they are designed more modern. The latest jewel of the classic clutch bags will soon be available in stores. This bag is very beautiful and very unusual. Inspired by the bag Malle Petite, it comes with a leather strap closure in the Centre and covered with decorated jewel icon LV locks. Black side edge designed for urban and daring. Crafts Center with squared blocks and adorned with gold and shiny. Around the opening of the coupling is even more interesting, as it comes with a small diamond like stones, which have also graced on short chain. Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad the Campaign ahead is made in the skin while the sides are decorated in Monogram Canvas. Particularly remarkable is not the bag. Below is the latest collection from Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad CampaignLouis Vuitton Fall Winter Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad CampaignNew Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign2017 Louis Vuitton Fall Winter Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign2017 Louis Vuitton Fall Winter New Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad CampaignLouis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad CampaignLouis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad CampaignLouis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2017 New Ad Campaign

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Hannah Ferguson shows off her sporty side in a spread for V Magazine #108. The Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue model trades in bikinis for sweatshirts in the studio shots. Photographed by Robin Harper, Hannah poses in standout styles from brands like Louis Vuitton, MSGM and Dsquared2. Stylist Britt Berger chooses oversized silhouettes for the blonde to wear.

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Gucci Special: Meet The New Season GG Marmont, Queen Margaret & Iside Bags



Gucci is constantly creating new stories season after season, through collections that harness an intricate mix of the everyday beautiful and inspired, then translated into gorgeous RTW and leather goods we see today. And for Pre-Fall 2017, Gucci has a number of key offerings as far as their leather bags are concerned, two of which are completely new lines, with the third a classic-in-the-making that we are all familiar with.

First, let’s start with the familiar, the GG Marmont. Identified by its bold brassy GG logo on the matelassé chevron leather body, the GG Marmontline is easily Alessandro Michele’s most iconic creation yet. A new-in for the season, the GG Marmont Leather Belt Bag (or bumbag) is a one that can be worn a myriad of ways all over your body. Coming in at a cute 18 cm wide and 11.5 cm high, it can be belted high on the waist, across the chest, over the shoulder, or even over your hip like a cute fanny pack. The other newer silhouettes within the GG Marmont range include the quilted leather backpack and quilted leather bucket bag that are no less cute and come in a wide array of colours as well.


Next, we see all-new designs in the Queen Margaret and Iside, both identifiable by their own statement-making icons – an ornately enamelled giant bee for the former and the feline head set within a rectangular clasp in the latter, an homage to the ancient Egyptian Goddess. The Queen Margaret, with its bamboo or leather top handles, comes finished with an accompanying leather strap or a tri-coloured canvas strap respectively. Available in two sizes, a Small (25 cm by 16.5 cm) and a Medium (32 cm by 20 cm), the Queen Margaret is a true statement maker and a definite head-turner in the best way possible.

Moving on to the third bag in this series, some of you may have noticed that while the Iside might look similar to the Queen Margaret in terms of the trapezoid shape, but that’s probably where the similarities end.


The Iside in Medium is slightly taller, coming in at 31 cm by 23 cm and features a curvaceous front flap dominated by the wavy pattern on the front. Dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess with its enamelled Swarovskieyes and metallic gold elements, it is feminine and sensual, like the goddess. The Iside series comes in three finishes, a #GGSupreme with leather trim, a leather and snakeskin mix, as well as a full snakeskin one that’s embellished with floral embroidery. In addition, each bag is furnished with an extra chain sling shoulder strap, giving you one of 3 different ways to carry this stunning beauty.

Distinctively different, yet all charming in their own right, which of the three (or all three) is your favourite(s)?

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Anna Ewers stars in Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaignAnna Ewers stars in Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaign

Spanish fashion brand Mango links up with photographer Mario Sorrenti once again for its fall-winter 2017 campaign. Captured in Paris, the images star top models Anna Ewers, Amber Vallettaand Freja Beha Erichsen. Stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka dresses the women in everyday looks. From little black dresses to oversized suit jackets and floral prints, these styles are perfect for fall.


Amber Valletta fronts Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaignAmber Valletta fronts Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaignFreja Beha Erichsen appears in Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaignFreja Beha Erichsen appears in Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaignAn image from Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaign starring Anna EwersAn image from Mango's fall-winter 2017 campaign starring Anna Ewers

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People are Now Camping Overnight in Front of the Paris Hermès Flagship to Sell Line Spots to Wealthy Handbag Buyers



If time is money, then it perhaps should not surprise anyone that the wealthy shoppers looking to purchase five-figure Hermès handbags while on holiday in Paris have found yet another way to save some of the former by spending some of the latter. As it turns out, the rich aren’t exactly keen on the store’s recently instituted appointment procedure, which requires them to gather early in the morning and stand in a line, on a public sidewalk, like commoners. And in turn, plenty of people have emerged who are willing to take on the irritations and inconveniences of the wealthy for a fee.

Anyone who’s lived or spent considerable leisure time in New York probably already knows what I’m talking about: line-sitters!

Here, it’s possible to hire people on a per-gig basis to wait in line for you for theater tickets, popular restaurants, Supreme drops, pop-up shops, or whatever else via either an agency or a gig-economy app like TaskRabbit. In Paris, the practice seems to be less common and less formal, and pictures of some of the overnight line-sitters outside the Hermès rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré global flagship boutique sparked quite a debate when they surfaced on our PurseForum.

No one on our Forum mentions specifically how much the spots in line are going for, but one poster repeatedly refers to it as “more than twice what an average French worker makes in a day.” We looked up some stats and did a little math, and our best guess is that we’re talking $250 to $300 for a spot. When you’re trying to be first in line to have the best selection of bags that, in the case of the Birkin, start at more than $10,000, a couple hundred bucks is a rounding error. If you’d rather spend a morning of your vacation at a Parisian café with a pain au chocolat instead of waiting on a sidewalk to be let into a store, at a certain level of wealth, the expense of a line-sitter makes sense.

In New York, line-sitting is such a normal part of commerce in certain markets that it’s done in an orderly manner and the people who do it are experienced at the task and almost always hired ahead of time to hold a spot for a specific individual. In the case of the newly minted line-sitters at the FSH boutique, it appears as though some of them are queueing overnight in hopes of selling their spot in the morning to whoever shows up, at times selling the same spot to multiple people. According to some tPFers in Paris, that’s resulted in everything from line-cutting chaos to actual fistfights, and it’s not hard to see how irritation over the new line system from wealthy shoppers, when in conflict with people who need the money enough to sleep on a sidewalk overnight, could result in some tension.

At some point, the line chaos is likely to settle into more of a standard routine, but in the meantime, things have been physically rough for a few members and their friends simply trying to hold their places or enter the store. So far, the only changes Hermès has made to ensure the safety of shoppers and line-sitters alike has been to provide a security person to escort people into the store for their appointments. Based on what our members have seen and been told, there’s no indication Hermès intends to significantly change the process it put in place several months ago or do more to actively manage the line, which forms on a public sidewalk.

Hermès shoppers on tPF have been speculating about whether this combination of inconvenience and potential danger could hurt the brand or turn shoppers away, but at least for the moment, that seems unlikely. Hermès has long looked on approvingly while shoppers go to ever-more-absurd lengths to get a Birkin or Kelly, and this is just the next level of that same absurdity. The boutique already has more customers every morning than it can possibly serve in a day, so discouraging a few of them from showing up might even be a net positive for the people in charge.

If you’re in Paris and want a more placid shopping experience, our members would recommend waiting out the busy season and then trying the FSH boutique at 11:30 or after or visiting on of the brands other Paris stores. Or, you know, maybe just go to the Eiffel Tower or something and shop when you get home. You might pay a little more without the VAT refund, but you probably also won’t get punched in the face.

[UPDATE] As of this morning, our PurseForum members are reporting that Parisian police have arrived at the FSH boutique to remove line-sellers from the scene. It appears as though they’re not being arrested, but rather just being asked to leave the area if they don’t have direct business with one of the nearby stores. Members have been speculating law enforcement might get involved because of the boutique’s proximity to the American and British embassies in Paris, as well as the city’s general security concerns, which bring police attention to people loitering for extended periods of time in business- and tourist-heavy areas.

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Can you see who this is? It’s hardly recognizable with its new cover, but if you take a closer at the shape and handle, you will know that we’re dealing with the iconic Alma Bag. Exclusively crafted for the Fall 2017 Collection; this Alma is a true mix of classic and modern.

It’s the new facets of the Vernis leather and the first-time we’ve spotted this design was on the Louis Vuitton Miroir Tote Bag. The new look is feminine, modern and fabulous. The Vernis leather is made from calfskin and in patent. It feels smooth and luxurious. The front is also printed with the house’s LV signature. It can’t get classier than that.

This bag screams fashion on every angle and will definitely attract a lot of eyes. Especially because of the Monogram Canvas handles and shoulder strap. And take a narrow look at the handles; it’s cleverly made in two styles – on one side it’s the Monogram Canvas, on the other side is in patented Vernis leather.

The nametag is the final refinement, it’s made in Monogram Canvas and it can be personalized with your name on it.

The interior features one large compartment and one flat pocket in Monogram Canvas. This new Alma comes in several colors, but each of them gives a stunning disruptive feel because of their audacious color.

So which color do you like?

The Alma BB Bag in Vernis Lisse is measured 9.8’ x 7.6’ x 4.7’ inches (L x H x W), priced at $1820 USD, €1320 euro, £1230 GBP, $15100 HKD, $2350 AUD, ¥14000 CNY, ¥213840 JPY, $2250 CAD via Louis Vuitton boutiques.





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