These Guys Deliver In The Shoe Department Too!

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That`s right, it`s time for another reader submitted review! This review comes to us from Rebekah who will share with us her experiences regarding replica shoes. I`ve been seriously thinking about picking up replica shoes lately and I`m so glad that Rebekah decided to share her replica shoe shopping experience with us. I have to say, given their track record with bags I`m not surprised the delivers in the shoe department. That being said, it`s great to see my suspicions confirmed in this super-positive review.


I wanted to send you a review of the Christian Louboutin Moulage shoe that I bought from purse. I have bought a few bags from purse lately, and noticed they now carry shoes. I was SO excited about the new addition to the website!! I knew their bags were amazing, so I decided to give them a try in the shoe department. After receiving the Christian Louboutin Moulage shoe in the mail (about 12 days after ordering on the website), I couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase. After shipping, the cost was about $165 which is absolutely reasonable. I wore them out to dinner with my boyfriend last week with a pair of green military skinny jeans and they looked to die for! They are constructed very well. I didn’t have any problems walking on such a high heel, they were so comfortable, and did not rub anywhere on my foot.

Here is a website showing the real shoe – and celebrities wearing it:

Overall, I cannot wait to purchase another pair of shoes from purse…and of course, more handbags. Simply put, there is not a reason to shop for replica handbags, jewelry, or shoes anywhere else online. This website is perfection!!

I attached photos of the shoes I purchased for you They were taken on my iPhone, so the quality isn’t the best, but you’ll get the idea.

Have a great holiday season!

What do you girls think of Rebekah`s Louboutin purchase? I think they`re fabulous and I couldn`t be more excited to start getting some pairs for myself

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Reader Submitted Review: A Great Place To Purchase Replica Shoes!

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So, I usually stick exclusively to replica handbags on this blog, but when Rebekah sent me a review  the Christian Louboutin pumps she got from them, I couldn`t resist posting it. After all, I`m sure you guys are into all kinds of fashion – not just bags – and we should all know where to find great replica kicks, right? So, without further adieu, here is Rebekah`s great review!

“Hey Eva!
I received my purchase yesterday. I ordered the CL Bikki leopard pump. I knew it was risky because it would be a hard shoe to replicate but my bf loved them when I showed them to him online!

replica christian louboutin
So their customer service is great!!! They respond to emails usually within a couple hours! They also sent me a $10 off coupon for my first purchase! I received my order seven days after ordering!! I couldn’t believe how fast they shipped – oh and they always have FREE shipping! Big plus in my book!
The shoes are gorgeous. Velvet heel and platform pump – just like the original. The shoe itself is some sort of “hair” or “fur” – not sure what the original shoe is made of but from the pics I saw online, the material of the shoe I received is spot on to the original! The only difference I noticed is that the straps on my shoe are more of a yellow leather whereas the original shoe is a tan leather. I’m going to try some brown shoe polish on the straps to darken them up. I live in Ohio so NO ONE will even notice the difference if I left them as is – it’s more for myself really.
Also, has daily “flash” specials where they put certain shoes on sale, usually $30-$40 off. And they’re pretty inexpensive compared to other shoe replica sites. The shoe I ordered was $166, with no shipping! I thought it was a great deal.
Overall, I WILL purchase again – and probably very soon!!! They have a HUGE selection of gorgeous shoes from multiple designer shoes. They do sell handbags but I will still use pursevalley for my handbags. I just love their quality bags, so I cannot turn my back on them. 

Check out the site, and let others know about it! It’s a great place to purchase replica shoes!! Enjoy!

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Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion


Christian Dior, from France, is a famous fashion brands. dior French means the combination of God and gold, so gold has become a Dior brand colors. Dior for its perfection of workmanship and advanced design taste, by numerous fashion people eagerly sought after. Which is also a big handbag book "Diana package" and other works in the fashion industry has become a classic of classics.

Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

Dior family of iconic Lady Dior handbag classic bag models in September 1995 debut, and won the favor of Princess Diana. Princess Diana has repeatedly carried Lady Dior attend international events, and to make the bag which fame, greatly blitz. And now, Lady Dior handbag is already a classic fashion accessories, suitable for day and night on different occasions, a representative Dior handbag.
When Diana, Princess of Wales attended sponsored by the LVMH Group, the Grand Palais in Paris, Grand Palais at the "Cezanne exhibition" when Bodenadai • Mrs. Chirac (former French president's wife) will be a new Dior handbag gift Dai Anna Princess. And this latest design Dior bag immediately won the favor of Princess Diana, after she ordered all versions.
November 1995 visit to children's home in Birmingham, the international media has photographed Princess Diana handheld handbags, arms holding the child. It was the beginning of a success story, "" A few weeks later, Princess Diana's state visit to Argentina, she again carrying beloved handbags, down the plane.
Since then, Lady Dior handbag with the world of women by the media welcome contacted, all the ladies are flocking. In 1996, in order to pay tribute to Princess Diana, in her own consent, the handbag with her name and re-named the "Lady Dior".

Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

Princess Diana holding lady dior bag
Making implemented the Lady Dior Dior haute couture spirit, handbags surface sewing craft experience inherent style Dior products, rattan sewing noodles Plaid (also known as "cannage") was inspired by a Napoleon III chairs. On the catwalk in 1947, Mr. Dior is to use this chair to entertain noble guests; while handbag with DIOR. The words of eternal imprint pendant show. Lady Dior handbag is now a classic fashion accessories, suitable for day and night, for different occasions, is representative Dior handbag.
Miss Dior is a full modern sense of fashion accessories, color, pure and honest, smooth leather. This handbag, youth do not swagger, creating the classic era, becoming another new attempt Dior brand. Miss Dior handbags, Dior timeless essence is embodied: the ultimate elegance, to perfection.
Miss Dior handbags from the studio artisans constructed according to conventional techniques, the use of wooden mold carefully hand-crafted. A skilled craftsman takes more than one day to complete the assembly of a handbag. Visible intention of the Department to build eternity.

Dior handbags called three classic classic fashion

The fashion industry is now a popular saying It Bag, so as a well-known international fashion brands, always have a symbolic significance handbag models in order to become fashion's nice chat, thereby increasing the topic of conversation. Whether you are a fan of Christian Dior, should recognize its symbolic significance Saddle Bag (saddle bags), is one of the brand's Icon.
Christian Dior in 1997, is the "New Look" image of the world-famous 50th anniversary, Dior take a refreshing new style to meet the brand's new creative director John Galliano. At that time served to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dior design director Saddle Bag design, but also to celebrate its ten in Christian Dior spring and autumn, John Galliano specially redesigned his famous works Saddle Bag (saddle bag), introduces a limited edition saddle pack series.
Since SaddleBag in 2000 Ghetto Fabulous series available since, it has been given on behalf of the Galliano Dior's new image. This design twelve series each with different countries as the design theme, namely, France, UK, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, Morocco, Egypt, Japan, India and China. Chinese style using orange satin cloth, decorated with dragon represents the East and embroidered traditional imperial gold embroidery, another CD more words buckle decorated with jasper and coral and red beaded dragon is coiled in D shaped strap, highlighting the majestic momentum. French series is also very good, it is learned, inspired by Marie Antoinette French classical printing, red handbag with white bottom foil lamination pattern, the most beloved ten as people do with pearl chain handle, giving the French romantic.
China: orange-red satin filled with mysterious oriental dragon UK: Pearl white buttons + silver rivets noble magnificent United States: luxurious rhinestone encrusted, the most suitable at the grand occasion wear France: luxury design inspired by Mary Antoinette Queen of French classical printing

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